Battery MINDer, Charger – Conditioner

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Battery MINDer, Charger – Conditioner


Battery MINDer, Charger – Conditioner Model 1510-OBD Keep your battery charged-maintained without lifting the hood! With all newer vehicles being equipped with an On Board Diagnostic port (OBD)*, batteries can be both charged and maintained by BatteryMINDer® brand maintenance charger – desulfators, without needing to make direct contact with the battery posts or even lifting the hood.

Cars and trucks that may not be driven for weeks or months will typically cause batteries to run down, unable to start the engine especially in cold weather. They will also have become sulfated** permanently affecting their life and performance. By plugging in any of the four (4) BatteryMINDers equipped with the universally matching OBD plug, batteries will first be fully charge and then maintained at 100% capacity, for weeks or months without ever overcharging. In addition, all models feature full-time automatic desulfation extending new battery life by as much as 4 times as well as improving performance of older batteries.

All Battery MINDer, Charger – Conditioner  models are covered by a one (1) year Money-Back Guarantee and five (5) year “no hassle” warranty.

*(typically located under or adjacent to the steering column) **sulfation is considered the major cause of both shortened life and performance of all lead- acid based batteries including sealed maintenance–free, AGM and Gel types. (Battery Association of America June 1992)

Features & Benefits:

  • SAE to OBD2 Connector. Enables you to keep your battery maintained via your vehicle’s onboard OBD2C Connector.
  • Installed ambient temperature sensor for 0°F–130°F operating range ensures the battery will never be overcharged or undercharged regardless of temperature extremes.
  • Extends battery life up to four times when compared to new batteries not being properly charged-maintained over their lifetime.
  • Maintains up to four batteries at a time (6 or 12 Volt batteries connected in parallel) Requires use of Y-Connectors 210AY (sold separately) or customer supplied 18-Gauge insulated wire.
  • FCC Certified.
  • Worldwide 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input.
  • Recovers weak batteries.
  • Automatic Full-Time high frequency (not high voltage) pulse type desulfation.
  • Reverse polarity, short circuit and over temperature protection.
  • Energy Star rated, which means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.
  • Certified by the California Energy Commission as meeting the current efficiency standards.

Included Accessories:

  • Ambient Temperature Sensor (installed)
  • 12ft. power cord
  • BC-2410: 2′ Battery Clip Cord Set with Quick Connector
  • Optional Permanent Mounting Tab

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