About Anything Batteries

Anything Batteries, Specialty Battery Service, Jupiter

Anything Batteries is a specialty battery service in Jupiter Florida. We specialize in batteries, battery accessories and service, providing our customers with the best quality, convenience and price. We offer an extensive selection of cell/smart phone, digital camera, security system batteries and power adapters. Our battery experts can install new replacement batteries in watches, key-less entry remotes (Car FOB), MP-3 Players, iPod’s, UPS battery back-ups, wheel chairs, cars, motorcycles and more!

Battery Testing
Not sure if the battery is the problem? Stop in and we will test your battery. No matter what the device, vehicle or tool, we can test to see if you need a new battery or if it just needs a charge. We do charging on-site and can recondition many batteries.  Anything Batteries can rebuild most battery packs on-site, even if they are no longer being sold!

We match most prices!
Come in today and meet with our knowledgeable staff to discuss your unique needs. Our extensive product line, knowledge and service differentiate us from other battery retailers. In stock products include auto batteries, golf cart batteries, motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, rechargeable batteries, flashlight batteries, battery chargers and much more. We look forward to seeing you.

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