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Jupiter Battery Store, Anything Batteries

Jupiter Battery Store, Anything Batteries has been serving customers in Palm Beach and Martin Counties area for over 14 years as a full service battery store, offering a large inventory of all types of batteries and battery accessories at the best prices in town. Whether you’re looking for everyday use batteries, auto batteries or specialty batteries for a motorcycle, boat, RV, golf cart, wheelchair, watch or widget, we probably have the battery you need in stock.

Our business is batteries and battery accessories only!
We sell battery accessories such as battery chargers and battery care products, and can custom make new battery cables to best fit the job – we even do installation in car or boat or RV. We also do battery replacement in-house for watches, cordless phones, cell phones, dive-scooters and many other devices.

We rebuild or manufacture battery packs, power supplies
Anything Batteries can rebuild or manufacture custom battery packs for a variety of cost saving uses.  Have a beloved power-tool that you can no longer get batteries for, or they are prohibitively expensive? We can re-build that old battery pack and give that tool new life!

Visit Anything Batteries and see how we can provide you better quality, convenience and price!

Anything Batteries is a registered vendor in the My Florida Marketplace System.